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Preventing and Diagnosing Gingivitis

If you’re worried about gingivitis in your life, it’s probably for good reason. When our instincts tell us something is wrong, it’s usually smart to follow them. For the best protection and treatment for gingivitis, our Lincoln dental center is the number one place to be. Here are some tips to combat this gum disease:

When looking for symptoms of gingivitis, it’s important to pay close attention to your gums. Your teeth usually won’t give you any clues to any gum disease you may have, so pay attention to these other negative aspects.

Swollen or puffy gums – You should be able to make an observation of how thick your gums are compared to normal. Large and puffy gums are one of the most common signs of early gingivitis, and catching it fast can save you a lot of headaches down the road.
Dark red or dusky gums – Discoloration is another major symptom of gingivitis. Dark red gums allude to a higher risk of bleeding and sensitivity. If you can’t tell yourself, our Lincoln dental center can help you out with diagnosing.
Bad breath – While bad breath can seem like a normal occurrence for when you wake up or haven’t brushed for a while, constant bad breath can indicate some sort of gum disease. This is usually due to poor dental hygiene. An Altoid can’t save you here, since you’ll usually need serious dental assistance.

It’s important to know what causes gum disease, so you can prevent it in the future. If you have gingivitis and choose to utilize our Lincoln dental center, you’ll want to practice better dental habits so you don’t see it again. Gingivitis can be caused by the following:

-Plaque forming on your teeth
-Overall poor dental hygiene
-Bad diet and smoking
-Old age

Unfortunately, you can’t really control your genetics. Gum disease can be passed on, but you can take serious actions to prevent it. Brushing and flossing every day can seriously help prevent tooth decay or gingivitis. A healthy diet can do wonders for the condition of your teeth and reduce the amount of potential plaque buildup in your mouth. At the end of the day, frequent dental visits are the safest option. With our advanced technology and constantly updating methods, we care a great deal for our patients and are dedicated to providing exceptional care whenever we can.

If you suspect gingivitis to be at play, call us immediately. Our professionals will bring you in for a full cleaning and examination to fully diagnose your potential issue. We’ll also review your dental history, as there may be some clues to key us in on what you’re experiencing. If we do find gingivitis to be at the root of your problems, we’ll utilize dental cleaning to take care of most of the problems. Sometimes, some serious restoration work is in order and ongoing care may be needed.

For more information on what we offer, visit our services tab within our website at https://admiredentallincoln.com/services/ or you can call us today at 402-817-0954 to schedule and appointment with this Lincoln dental center.

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