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Emergency Dental Care – What You Need to Know

As an emergency dentist in Lincoln, we see plenty of dental emergencies that we need to treat. Having these kinds of emergencies can cause unimaginable stress and pain, and relieving that from our patients is our number one goal when we’re handling these kinds of problems. Dental emergencies can come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some specific issues that we see often. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common dental emergencies, and how to prevent them.

Chipped Teeth: Depending on the size of the chip, this may not even constitute a dental emergency, but we’ve seen our fair share of major chips. When we see a chipped tooth, it’s usually just the enamel that’s been damaged. While this might not cause any immediate or major symptoms, it can cause a jagged or sharp edge on your tooth that may damage the tongue or cheek. A permanent treatment often requires a small dental filling or crown to restore the tooth.

Broken or Fractured Teeth: These fit more into the category of what an emergency dentist in Lincoln will treat more severely. Broken teeth usually crack through the enamel and into the dentin. Deeper fractures can be much more sensitive to temperature, chewing, and biting, and without treatment, the tooth can decay quickly. Treatment may require dental crowns or fillings to ensure no further problems arise.

Missing Teeth: Knocked out teeth are some of the most obvious indicators of a dental emergency. For immediate help, place the tooth in clean water or milk to preserve the tooth. While teeth can sometimes be put back in place by the injured, it’s important that you see an emergency dentist in Lincoln to either make sure you did it right, or for us to handle it completely. For adults, a root canal procedure is needed. For children, root canals may not be necessary but that’s dependent on how much their teeth have grown out. If any other problems arise, Admire Dental Lincoln is always fully equipped to addle dental implants.

Preventive Care: Preventing a visit to an emergency dentist in Lincoln is always the number one goal. Unaligned teeth can be easy targets for surface damage or any dental emergency. Using braces to negate protruding front teeth can benefit the patient greatly. Contact sports is where most dental accidents occur, and mouthguards can be a huge help to any athlete. Mouthguards not only prevent damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw, but they can help temporomandibular joints and concussions. You can find custom mouthguards with most dental clinics, or basic mouthguards in most pharmacies or sports stores. Custom mouthguards provide a wide variety of benefits, including better comfort, better breathing, and better speech.

When you need an emergency dentist in Lincoln, our services are always available. For more information on our emergency dental care, visit https://admiredentallincoln.com/emergency-dental-care/ for a list of dental emergencies and what we can do for you. If you’re experiencing an emergency now, call us at 402-817-0954.

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